Mississippi Department of Education

2002 Annual Report, School Year 2000-2001

Mississippi School of the Arts (MSA)
I. History and Purpose
Purpose/location *Scheduled to open in August 2003.
*Statewide residential school that will provide advanced programs of study in music, theatre, visual arts, dance, literary arts, and media arts for artistically gifted eleventh and twelfth grade students.
*Located on the historic Whitworth College Campus in Brookhaven, Mississippi.
*Designated as a Mississippi Landmark, the campus is also on the National Register of Historic Places. 
Projected enrollment *Approximately 300 juniors and seniors in a residential setting (when in full operation).
*Nonresidential students who live within commuting distance may apply and be admitted if they meet admissions criteria and if space permits. 
Legislation *House Bill 706 created MSA during the 1999 regular Legislative Session.
*House Bill 1675 appropriated $11,900,000 for planning, building renovations, and new construction.
*During the 2001 Legislative Session, Senate Bill 3158 authorized the issuance of an additional $7 million in bonds to continue restoration and construction.
II. Community Partnerships
City of Brookhaven *Collaborated with Brookhaven Trust to renovate Mary Jane Lampton Auditorium, dedicated in Spring 1999.
*Transferred the Whitworth College Campus to the State of Mississippi in Spring 2000.
*Donated $3,000,000 in bond proceeds.
*$1,500,000 HUD grant for campus improvements.
Brookhaven School District Students will take some non-arts courses at Brookhaven High School, located approximately one-half mile from MSA. Shared arts facilities at Brookhaven High School will accommodate dance, music, and theatre performances until a performing arts center is built on the Whitworth Campus.
III. Campus Restoration and New Construction
Administrative offices Lampton Auditorium is the only functional building on site at this time, and houses the temporary administrative offices of the MSA.
Restoration and new construction Albert and Associates Architects, P.A. of Hattiesburg, working with the Department of Archives and History.
Restoration and new construction is occurring in three phases.

Phase I
*Completed restoration of doors, windows, roofs, and exterior structures for historic Johnson Institute, Cooper Hall, and Enochs Hall.
*Began construction on Student Life Center, March 2001. Student Life Center will house a library, dining hall, commons area, infirmary, dorm parent's apartment, computer room, laundry, exercise center, security, and student residential suites.

Phase II, Part 1
*Interior renovations of Johnston Institute for use as instructional and office spaces.
*Interior renovation of the Y-Hut for use as interim administrative offices until Cooper Hall is complete. 

Phase II, Part 2
*Expansion of the student life center to accommodate 300 residential students.
*Interior restoration of Cooper and Enochs Halls for classrooms, administrative and faculty offices.
*An addition to Enochs Hall to increase studio space.
*Renovation of Elizabeth Cottage for instructional, administrative and archival use.
*Renovations to Lampton Auditorium, including acoustical treatment and additional accommodations for handicapped accessibility.

Phase III
*Construction of the proposed performing arts center.
*Public and private funding and in-kind resources are being sought to help supplement Legislative appropriations and to raise monies to construct the performing arts center.

IV. Program Implementation
Program Implementation Phased in over four years. 
Programs of study - School year *2003-2004
Visual arts, vocal music, theatre (juniors only).

Visual arts, vocal music, theatre (juniors and seniors)

Visual arts, vocal music, theatre, instrumental music, dance, literary arts, media arts.

Visual arts, vocal music, theatre, instrumental music, dance, literary arts, media arts.

V. Eligibility/Student Selection
Requirements *Students must qualify to be in the eleventh (11th) grade (10 Carnegie units).
*Any student who is a Mississippi resident will be eligible for attendance at MSA where the focus will be on in-depth studies in the visual, performing, literary, and media arts and humanities.
*Admission will be competitive and will involve application, on-site interviews, auditions, and review of portfolios and/or performances as well as other academic requirements.
Costs The costs for attendance are supported through legislative appropriations; however, families will be responsible for some incidental expenses such as student activity fees, and laundry.

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