Mississippi Department of Education

2002 Annual Report, School Year 2000-2001

Mississippi Teacher Incentive Programs

Teacher Shortage Areas
Approved by State Board of Education, May 2001

Subject Shortage Areas:
Special Education Mathematics
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish)

Geographic Shortage Areas by School District:
West Bolivar Copiah County  Marshall County West Tallahatchie
Benoit  Hazlehurst City Holly Springs Tate County
North Bolivar  Greene County Montgomery County Tunica County
Cleveland  Holmes County Noxubee County  Hollandale
Shaw Durant Public North Panola Leland
Mound Bayou Humphreys County Quitman County Western Line
Carroll County West Jasper South Delta  Greenville Public
Claiborne County  Jefferson County Sunflower County Wilkinson County
Coahoma County Leflore County  Drew  Yazoo County
Coahoma County AHS Greenwood  Indianola Yazoo City
Clarksdale Canton East Tallahatchie

2000-2001 Teacher Incentive Program Data

National Board Certification
Mississippi legislation provides support to teachers seeking certification through the year-long process offered by National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The state will reimburse the fee one time ($2300 for NBPS; not to exceed $500 for NCSC and CCC) for any teacher completing the process of acquiring national certification, and $6000 annually for the length of the certificate to all who certify.


Type of Certificate 

No. of Teachers
Amt. Of Supplement
Amt. of Fringe Benefits Paid to Districts
Amt. of Test Reimb. Paid

Total FY01

NBPTS Certification
National Board of Professional Teaching Standards

NCSC Certification
National Certified School Counselor

CCC Certification
Certificate of Clinical Competence issued by American Speech & Hearing Association
















William Winter Scholarship Program
The William Winter Teacher Scholar Loan Program (WWSLP) offers assistance to undergraduate education students who agree to teach in a Mississippi school district for a specified number of years in return for the scholarship dollars.

# Recipients Awarded
Funds Awarded
# Recipients Paid
Anticipated Expenditures
1,770 $4,276,621.00 1,589 $3,999,282.00
Mississippi Troops-To-Teachers
Mississippi Troops-To-Teachers actively recruits and assists transitioning servicemen/women to become teachers. 
Contacts at Military Bases
# Teachers Placed
4,200 38
Critical Needs Teacher Scholarship Program (CNTSP)
The Critical Needs Teacher Scholarship Program (CNTSP) offers tuition and other incentives to those who will become licensed and teach in Mississippi Critical Shortage Areas (CSAs).
# Recipients
# Funds Expended
1,041 $6,600,000.00 (approximate)
Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program
MTFP provides funds to pursuea Master of Education or an Educational Specialist degree to qualified teachersin CSAs. These funds provide fellows with tuition, books, materials, fees, and a computer.
# MTFP Fellows
# CSAs Represented # Funds Expended
176 42 $938,958.00
MS Employer-Assisted Housing Teacher Program (H.A.T.)
H.A.T. is a special home loan program that is available to licensed teachers who render service in CSAs. A $6000 maximum loan amount is available to assist eligible teachers in paying closing costs associated with a home purchase.
# Awards
# Funds Expended
24 $126,079.00
Reimbursement of Moving Expenses for CSA Teachers
MDE will reimburse the moving expenses for teachers who teach in a geographic critical shortage area designated by the State Board of Education. Upon approval, MDE will provide funds to the school district to reimburse the teacher an amount not to exceed $1,000 for documented expenses incurred during relocation.
# Awards
# Funds Expended Average Cost Per Move
93 $57,309.00 $616.24
MS School Administrator Sabbatical Program (MSASP)
The MSASP enables local school districts to grant sabbatical leave to licensed teachers employed in MS schools for not less than three years. The purpose is to allow such teachers to participate full-time in an educational leadershipprogram and become local school district administrators.
# Districts Participating
# Teachers Participating
Funds Expended
13 22 $640,408.00
Professional Teacher Recruiters
Professional teacher recruiters inform high school and college students of the need for teachers, promote the teaching profession, encourage assistant teachers to become licensed teachers, recruit education graduates, and explain how non-education majors can become licensed teachers through alternate routes to certification. Recruiters work directly with assigned CSAs to find and place teachers. In all activities, the recruiters inform prospective teachers of the CSA incentives available to those who teach in Mississippi.
# Referrals to CSAs

# Direct Referrals Hired in CSAs

# High School Contacts
# Asst Teacher Contacts
# MS College Recruitment Fairs

# Out-of-State Recruit-ment Events

# Community College Visits
1,600 50 6,000 952 27 7 25

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