High School Graduates and
Other Completers

Positive outcomes for Mississippi High School students are categorized below.

Diploma Graduates 23,388

This category includes high school graduates who receive a high school diploma upon completion of the Carnegie unites and other performance requirements in either a traditional or non-traditional high school program.

Certificate Recipients 1,691

This category includes high school completers who receive an exiting credential certifying high school attendance or completion of a secondary program without having completed all the state-mandated Carnegie units or testing requirements for a regular high school diploma. Students enrolled in Special Education programs not having the same requirements as regular high school programs are included in this group.

GED Credential Recipients 337

Alternative students who exit alternative programs upon completion of GED Testing Requirements and any other state requirements for high school equivalency.

Total High School Graduates and Other Completers: 25,416

* Counts reflect data as originally submitted by school districts, except for districts who submitted changes during the verification process.

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