Mississippi Department of Education     1999 Annual Report
Mississippi Adequate Education Program

1997 - 1998

The basic funding for Mississippi schools has long been provided through the Minimum Education Program enacted in the 1950's. In addition to the MEP, the Uniform Millage Assistant Grants Program (1989), the one cent legislation (1992), and the Ad Valorem Reduction Grants were established to address long overlooked needs in school districts in the areas of building, buses, textbooks, instructional supplies and other special needs. Because disparity still exists in the funds available for educating every child at an adequate level, the Mississippi Adequate Education Program addresses these disparities and insures that every school district will have sufficient funds available to provide a Level III accreditation or adequate education for every child. As of November 30, 1998, the MAEP funds have resulted in State Aid Capital Improvement Bonds being issued by 110 school districts in the amount of $505,316,543.

Proposed school facility construction based on approved MAEP applications*
(296 applications from 110 school districts as of 11/30/98)

Projects New Construction Repairs/ Renovations  Totals
Classrooms 1,997 4,532 6,529
Subject Area Labs 93 17 110
Tech Prep Labs 119 252 371
Library/Media Centers 47 22 69
Cafeterias/Kitchen/Dining 53 36 89
Fine Arts Facilities (Band/Choral Music/Drama) 47 10 57
Auditoriums 5 9 14
Multi-Purpose Buildings 14 3 17
Health/Physical Education Facilities 15 4 19
Gymnasiums 0 33 33

* This report does not reflect all school construction in the state, as school districts that chose "Option 2 - Interim Pledge" were not required by State Board Policy to submit an Application for the Expenditure of MAEP Funds for a Capital Improvement Project. 

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