Mississippi Department of Education     1999 Annual Report
State Public School Building Fund

The State Public School Building Fund was created to provide state funds for the capital improvement of schools in the state. Such capital improvements include the cost of erecting, repairing, equipping, remodeling and enlarging school buildings and related facilities.

The financial structure of the State Public School Building Fund is made up of three interlocking, yet distinct features: (1) annual grants to school districts; (2) legislative funding of the program; and (3) state school bonds. The Mississippi Board of Education approved building projects as follows during 1997-98:
Number Approved Total Cost Public School Building Funds
Long Range Plans 10 $15,145,063
Applications 32 $10,661,050 $6,421,822
Supplementary Applications 5 $237,031
Contracts 52 $17,217,199 $8,238,449
Change Orders 95 $297,064 ($38,832)
Final Project Approvals 70 $45,593,424 $13,999,824
Project Cancellations 1 $375,638 $141,600

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